Christian Ministry Attracts A Fair Number Of Bullies To It… Why’s That, Do You Suppose?

For sheer crazy, you can’t beat televangelist Kenneth Copeland. You also can’t beat him for wealth. Reverend Ken is worth somewhere between $300 million and $760 million. That’s so Jesus-y of him. Just not “Jesus” Jesus, if you know what I mean.

When guys like Kenny Copeland speak the name, clearly they’re not thinking about Real Jesus or even “Do Unto Others” Jesus. They’re talking about some other Jesus…

It’s weird. “Do Unto Others” would seem to preclude bullies. It might even instruct them how not to “be” bullies. But then, Jesus also taught that you don’t need a temple or its corrupt priests to speak to God. In other words, Jesus taught you don’t need a Kenneth Copeland. It’s only Kenneth Copeland telling you that you do.

When it comes to being big time loopy, Ken soars like an eagle.

Ken’s crazy all right — crazy like a fox. You see the way Ken tries to bully the reporter? That’s not a bug of Christian evangelism, it’s a feature. Evangelicals claim to know what God wants. They claim to speak for his interests. Even if other people read the texts that supposedly say what the God creature wants? They can’t grasp the true meaning of what the deity is really after.

Only they can. Isn’t that convenient?

Anyone who claims to speak for or know what’s in the heart of a being who created everything isn’t just arrogant, they’re delusional. That’s if they really believe. Most don’t. The truth is they’re way more cynical than they appear. They claim to speak for God because they believe deeply that they are God. And nothing will set someone up to be a bigger bully than believing they are God.

The worst thing about televangelists is that they’re abusing the faith being placed in them. They’re con men (and women) and bullshit artists. They appeal to peoples’ genuine need for spiritual guidance with a sledgehammer of self-dealing and self-aggrandizement. Your spiritual happiness will rely exclusively on the televangelist getting rich or richer.

Just like Jesus taught?

2 thoughts on “Christian Ministry Attracts A Fair Number Of Bullies To It… Why’s That, Do You Suppose?

  1. I’ve often wondered if God preferred cash, check or credit card. It occurred to me a long time ago that God doesn’t need greenbacks, but the folks running the churches sure do. The video clip of Gloria when they were on the compound at their private airfield doing a ministry, and Ken was coming in to land always pissed me off. She said “they’ve been received through faith” (the dozen-ish planes out there). Uh, I’m pretty sure you didn’t pray and God just dropped one on the tarmac for you, Gloria. You took the money from tens of thousands of people who believe what you say and bought it.
    I despise the Copelands, and I’m sure my mom’s the reason I somehow got on their word of faith mailing list. I chuck it in the trash every time, or use it to start a burnpile in the backyard. That’s the only good thing I’ve done with that junk. Every time I see those plastic smiles on TV, my middle finger wants a workout.

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