The Faitheism Project Podcast Episode 3: “What Do We Really Know?”

Can we ever really know what we think we know? It’s a tricky question. It might be easier to answer what don’t we know? Our search for Spiritual Truth relies upon our senses first of all — but our senses give us an incomplete picture of the world at best.

Our human eyes can only see available light, for instance, while lots of other light (infra red, gamma rays, x-rays) blows past us 24/7 — loaded with information that we never receive because those light frequencies are invisible to our eyes.

Our ears aren’t much better.

And what is our knowledge anyway? We know we have thoughts and we know roughly what causes us to experience them. Other than that? We have no idea what thoughts are — or where they come from even. Sounds like the perfect starting point for a conversation!

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The largest living thing on earth is a humongous fungus living under Oregon.

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