The Faitheism Project Podcast, Episode #8: “Spirituality & Activism, Part 2”

One’s spirituality should be at the heart of one’s actions.  But not everyone’s spirituality is the same.  While we may not want to apply the word “spiritual” to Nazism, from a dedicated Nazi’s point of view, what they’re experiencing is both transcendent and spiritual.  It fixes their place in the Greater Scheme Of Things and compels them to act.

Activism can be less malignant but dangerous in other ways; it can be wrongheaded — its heart in the right place but its activism completely mis-directed.

Turns out? Activism is complicated. Spirituality doesn’t make it any less so.

So — now that we’ve ID’d the problem, what’s a spiritually-inclined, activist wannabe person to do?  I bet if we talk about it, we’ll come up with some answers.


The Africans,

Andrew Walls (b 1928) — British historian of missions, known for his pioneering studies of the history of the African church and as a pioneer in the academic field of World Christianity.

Dr. Kwame Bediako (1945-2008) — a Ghanian Christian theologian and Rector for the Akrofi-Christaller Institute for Theology, Mission and Culture in Akropong, Ghana.

How to get shit done like a good activist, Eve Andrews, Jan 20, 2017


5 Ways to Participate in Effective Activism, According to Two Experts, Janel Martinez・January 15, 2020


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