The Faitheism Project Podcast, Episode #14 Promo: “Who Will Win Election 2020 — And What Will It Mean?”

By Randy Lovejoy

If talking about religion is a mine field, what is talking about religion AND politics? Join Presbyterian Pastor Randy Lovejoy and devout atheist A L Katz for another episode of the Faitheism Project Podcast. In this episode, good friends Randy and Alan turn their focus on election 2020 — with just a handful of days to go before voting ends and… well — after that, who knows? What WILL happen on Tuesday — that’s the question we’re going to ask. Alan has some thoughts about it — and so does Randy.

But we’re going to do more than just say what we think will happen. We’re going to revisit our predictions — as separate podcasts — to see how we did. If we were right? We’ll take a bow. If we were wrong? We’ll take our well-deserved lumps.

Let the promo-ing begin!


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