The Faitheism Project Podcast, Episode #33: “Meet Jim”

The point of the exercise here at the Faitheism Project is to start conversations that, hopefully, go on and on.  The objective is never to “win” anything, rather it’s to gain something: understanding of what makes each other tick.  We don’t have to agree with each other to have relationships — or even be friends.  Having respect means understanding why someone differs with you and why that difference demands your respect.  If only everyone on social media felt more like that and less like they not only had to win every argument but grind the loser into dust.  

Alan has been on Twitter in various guises for about six years; for about a year, he tweeted as “The Faitheism Project” while building up its brand (a work very much still in its early days).  About six months ago, Alan began a back-and-forth conversation with another member of the Twitterverse, a writer and journalist named Jim “Maverick” McWilliams.  That’s the strange thing about Twitter; it can be a flaming trainwreck of human over-reaction.  As with all social media, people can be venal and cruel — especially if they hide behind an icon or other presence.  But, Twitter also encourages informal interaction between people.  

On paper, Alan and Randy shouldn’t have much to talk about.  The same goes for Alan and Jim.  Jim and Randy?  They’re both Christians — it should go without saying.  That Alan and Jim can sustain a conversation and a relationship on top of it — that’s a head scratcher.  Well, it is until you sit down and listen to Jim and Alan talk shop.  Throw Randy into the mix and this should be chaos — Jim’s a Seventh Day Adventist while Randy’s a Presbyterian.  And yet…

Getting to know each other better is the quickest way to overcome whatever sets us apart.  For one thing, we keep bumping into the myriad ways we’re alike and share common purpose.  That said though, you still have to bring your A Game to the party.

Let’s get this conversation going!

The Faitheism Project Podcast, Episode 33: “Meet Jim”

Or, if you’d prefer to watch…

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Please check out Jim’s book — The Girl With The Bloody Dreadlocks at Amazon!

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