The Faitheism Project Podcast, Episode 41: “Spirituality & Healing, Part Deux”

The title of this podcast doesn’t do it justice. Sure, there’s plenty of good conversation about spirituality and healing, but there’s really so much more. Maybe we should call this one “Spirituality, Healing & Some Amazing Storytelling”. In this one, Randy, um, lets his hair down. He pulls back the covers and talks frankly about the workaday job of being a preacher — especially a young one just starting down the road. Over the course of his spiritual journey, Randy has traveled to some pretty far-flung places (some of which he’ll talk about). Each of those locations has produced a moment that both challenged Randy to his breaking point but then reassured him that he was where he needed to be, doing what he needed to do. He’ll talk about several of those moments.

As these are travel stories, there are bathroom stories that go with them. Those, as anyone who’s traveled knows, can be the most challenging. But the most spiritually rewarding, too?

As Randy can personally attest, spiritual roads and a healthy gut have a tendency to diverge. Those stories alone are worth the price of admission. Randy has truly made some considerable leaps of faith.

Also in this podcast, Alan pays tribute to a former boss who just passed away, the Hollywood action film director Richard Donner. Donner was one of Alan’s Executive Producers when Alan ran “Tales From The Crypt” for HBO. Among Donner’s biggest hits: the Lethal Weapon films, The Goonies, Superman (starring Christopher Reeve) and Scrooged.

Donner also directed a little movie called “The Omen”. And Donner had an idea why “The Omen” was so successful. And it had something to do with Americans and their family Bibles… Did we mention there are stories — lots of cool stories? There absolutely are!

The Faithesism Project Podcast, Episode 41: “Spirituality & Healing, Part Deux”

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