The Faitheism Project Podcast Season 2, Episode 2: “Generation Z Calling”

Generation Z Is Entering the Workforce |

This one’s special. As regular listeners and readers of this podcast and blog know, Randy and I began as social friends. Our sons went to the same elementary school here in LA. They played on the same sports teams (some of which I coached). Then middle and high school and college sent everyone in different directions. But, our sons are both very much products of the environments they grew up in. Randy’s son Lucas grew up in a religious household while my son Tristan grew up in a family that was one hundred percent secular if not downright irreligious. So, the first question we ask: how did that translate?

It’s part of the continuum of life, watching your kids take their place in the world. It’s even more spectacular when they take the lessons we put into their heads and go out and make them their own — or simply put new ideas entirely into their heads. Where Randy and I have ideas, Lukas and Tristan have ideas plus youthful curiosity.

And, boy, do they have questions.

The point of the exercise, as always, is a conversation that surprises and informs and even delights. I don’t think anyone listening to this one will be disappointed.

The Faitheism Project Podcast, Season 2, Episode 2 – Gen Z Calling

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