Of Rituals, Rites And Wrongs”

Show us a human, we’ll show you a collection of rituals. Though the word “ritual” comes to us from the Latin “ritus” (rites), what the word articulates transcends the church and even Latin itself. Human beings are suckers for having habits. Throw in a little of the sacred and even a mundane habit can become ritual. Yet. the more we ritualize a thing, the more mundane it become. Sometimes, the ritual is all that’s left of the profound.

When rituals overstay their welcome, they become dogmatic and counter productive. So – how do we stop that from happening (assuming that’s what we want)? Some rituals are essential to our spirituality or our work process. How do we keep them properly framed? Some rituals are essential to our work process. Sometimes the best part of a writing day is its hours of work avoidance rituals.

We think you’ll enjoy this conversation and find it both enlightening and entertaining. Let us know what you think!

The Faitheism Project Podcast, Season 2, Episode 3: “Of Rituals, Rites & Wrongs”

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Mason Curry: “Daily rituals”


The Atlantic:


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