The Faitheism Project Podcast Season 2, Episode 6: “For Ritual Or Poorer”

This episode of the Faitheism Project Podcast is kind of a bonus episode. A few episodes back, we talked about rituals and how rituals transcend religion. As Randy and I were winding down after the episode, we ended up adding a few insights that we hated leaving on the cutting room floor.

We think of rituals as being predominantly religious probably because rituals and rites are religious. But, anyone who’s ever warmed up before a workout or gotten ready for a date or just sat down to a day at the computer, has done those things only after going through a process of rituals first. For instance – some writers have work avoidance rituals that take longer to get through than their whole working day.

What happens though when rituals ring hollow? What does one do with or about a ritual whose value has diminished with time? Should we continue to perform rituals that don’t mean anything to us anymore? If we do, aren’t we really undermining the ritual’s integrity?

Sounds like something we should talk about. Another ritual…

The Faitheiusm Project Podcast, Season 2, Episode 6: “For Ritual Or Poorer”

Or, if you’d prefer to watch…

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