The Faitheism Project Podcast Join The Conversation!

What is the Faitheism Project Podcast? In a nutshell, it’s a frank yet congenial conversation between a devout atheist and a Presbyterian pastor that seems impossible on paper and yet works! Despite coming from two seemingly diametric opposite places on the philosophical spectrum, atheist film & TV writer/producer A L Katz and Presbyterian Pastor Randy Lovejoy have maintained a conversation about religion and spirituality for almost 20 years – and now they’re inviting everyone else in to be part of it.

It’s not about “winning” the argument, it’s about hearing what everyone has to say. And once you draw a distinction between religion and spirituality, it gets far easier to appreciate the context in which we all seek higher truths. In fact, when you see spirituality and religion as separate (but related) things? You begin to discern that, in an amazing number of ways, we’re all on similar spiritual journeys. It’s merely the vocabulary we use to describe our journeys that separates us.

Got four minutes? Have a listen! We think you’ll enjoy the conversation. Hell, we think you may even want to join it. And, to that, we say “C’mon in!”

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