The Faitheism Project Podcast, Season Two, Episode 7: “Generation Why?”

American culture completely buys into the idea that one culture owes other cultures, that, say, millennials owe baby boomers respect or that boomers owe millennials nothing. But, is that just another invention – that one group, born at a particular time owes other groups born at other times something of value? Are there even really “generations” in this sense? And does any “generation” really owe any other generation anything to begin with? It’s not like any of us demanded to be here.

The idea of generations being vastly different from each other is a fairly recent invention – an outgrowth of America’s “youth culture”. Rock n roll has a lot to do with it. Baby boomers were the product of “The Greatest Generation”, the one that fought World War Two. Up until Gen Z, every generation had at least a little memory of The Greatest Generation in mind (they were everyone’s grandparents or great grandparents). Gen Z has no idea who The Greatest Generation were (except as historical figures).

What DO we owe each other – if anything? For this podcast, we have a couple of guests – Gen Z-ers to compare generational notes with a couple of boomers. Turns out? We all DO owe each other something. And it’s pretty damned important what we all owe. This one will absolutely open your mind.

The Faitheism Project Podcast, Season 2, Episode 7: “Generation Why?”

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Notes & Sources

Our guests for this podcast are social media influencer Karren Atacora and entrapreneur/artist Lucas Lovejoy (who also happens to be Randy’s son).

Karren’s YouTube Channel can be found here.

Lucas’ YouTube Channel can be found here.

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