The Faitheism Project Podcast, S2E11: “Pandemic Of The Soul”

Randy and I recorded this podcast a few days before Vladimir Putin changed pretty much every conversation about everything. While we don’t reference Putin – and the pandemic raging inside his soul (if he has one) – one look at Putin sitting at one end of a very long table, his ministers at the other end shouts volumes. News reports – based on intel sources (some it seems inside the room with Putin) – say that Putin isolated himself during the pandemic. For two years, he rarely appeared at the Kremlin, keeping to his homes outside of Moscow and his massive estate near Sochi. Being president of Russia for twenty years (staying president by changing the rules on the fly) – has further isolated Putin. He trusts no one.

Talk about a “pandemic of the soul”.

Here in America, as we slowly creep back toward something akin to “normalcy” in our lives, the last two years have taken a toll. America is more violent than before the pandemic. More divided. More inflamed. With a mid-year election looming, things aren’t likely to calm down any time soon. That’s unfortunate. It’s also a challenge to us all.

We can vaccinate ourselves against COVID. That won’t keep us from catching it necessarily, but if we do catch it – and we’re vaccinated – the odds are much more likely that we’ll endure it with far fewer complications and long-term impacts. If only we could innoculate ourselves against our rage.

One way to deal with all the rage? Talk about it. Like now…

The Faitheism Project Podcast, S2E11: “Pandemic Of The soul”

Or, if you’d prefer to watch —

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