The Faitheism Project Podcast S2E15: “God v Consciousness”

We all have (at least one) voice inside our heads. But, even when there’s a chorus involved, one voice will alpha all the others. That would be our “me”. The voice we think of as ourselves. It’s the person we address in the bathroom mirror – the “us” behind our eyeballs that only we ever get to see. Who – or what – is that creature? Is that really “us”? They sure seem to think they are. Is that voice our literal consciousness? Is it our literal conscience? Or, is it just some “humble narrator” there to narrate our story to no one in particular? Is that voice God?

The absolute truth is, we don’t understand yet how consciousness works – or what it even really is. We don’t know where memories go when we’re not remembering them. Sure, sure, they return to their previous format inside our brains but what does that even mean? Is consciousness a subset of free will or is free will a subset of consciousness? The difference is important?

Our perceptions – of Life, of God, of how we’re perceived – all bubble from the same synaptic soup inside our heads.

This conversation – as most do – goes some unexpected places. But then, consider the nature of the questions we’re asking: how does a believer-in-God describe the ‘voice of God’ to an atheist who doesn’t believe there is a God (so how can he have a voice)? We talk about how consciousness and conscience can get tangled in depression. As depression robs its victims of perspective (convincing them the world really is the teeny-tiny, hopeless space the depression wants them to think it is), one’s conscience and consciousness can both be weaponized against them.

Our consciousness can also be weaponized against others. One of the dangers of monotheism is that it can put the “voice of God” inside someone’s head. We’ve seen evidence of what can happen when their version of God is angry at the rest of us. For good measure, there are a few televangelists who clearly don’t believe IN God, they believe they ARE God. Talking to YOU, Kenneth Copeland!

Our conscience and our consciousness are where we start today. Who or what’s in control of us?

Or, if you’d prefer to watch…

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