The Faitheism Project Podcast S2E17: “A Few Words About Words”

On paper, Randy and I should be a train wreck of a relationship. In part, that should be because we have nothing in common. That’s not the case of course; this podcast is the weekly proof that Randy and I have way, way more in common than we do otherwise. This episode is more fuel to that fire. Both Randy and I are heavily reliant on words to get our work done. The better both of us are with words, the better we’ll both do. 

In a sense, we’re both storytellers. I’m more blatant. Randy’s mission is to create a magnificent, grand narrative in which potential believers see themselves. The basis for all of our storytelling is words. Turns out yet another thing Randy and I share is an absolute passion for the them. We both love words. Well, what we really love is language. And both of us feel a strange connection to our “mother tongue”, English. But other languages do come into our love of words.

Never mind whole thoughts! Let’s get cozy with words themselves. What words do we like or love? Are there words that we don’t love – or even hate? For me, language touches something primal. I am compelled to convey not just my immediate needs via words but huge ideas. And yet, as I stare up with awe at the cosmos – feeling my spirituality humming inside me – I’m often wordless.

Good thing, once I turn back to thinking about words, a million come rushing to my mind.  A much better way to start a conversation…

The Faitheism Project Podcast S2E17: “A Few Words About Words”

Or, if you’d prefer to watch…

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