The Faitheism Project Podcast, S2E22: “What NOW?”

After a brief hiatus, Randy and I wanted to come back with something light, fun – an episode called “Guilty Pleasures”. We’ll get there. But, we came back into a world that didn’t feel terribly light or fun. Against a backdrop of persistent bad news – or news that riled the nation – The SupremeContinue reading “The Faitheism Project Podcast, S2E22: “What NOW?””

Can An Atheist Be A Fan Of Jesus?

By AL Katz Though completely counter-intuitive on its face, it’s not only possible for an atheist to be a fan of Jesus, I’d argue most atheists are already “fans” in that they live their lives by happily, successfully “doing unto others”. One of the questions most atheists will face at some point in their lifeContinue reading “Can An Atheist Be A Fan Of Jesus?”