The Faitheism Project Podcast, Episode #33: “Meet Jim”

The point of the exercise here at the Faitheism Project is to start conversations that, hopefully, go on and on.  The objective is never to “win” anything, rather it’s to gain something: understanding of what makes each other tick.  We don’t have to agree with each other to have relationships — or even be friends. Continue reading “The Faitheism Project Podcast, Episode #33: “Meet Jim””

Cannabis Is A Perfect Drug For Spiritual Journeying

It’s a fact: humans have been altering their brain chemistry from the moment they realized they could do it. We don’t know how hunter-gatherers got high, but the odds are — knowing nature as well as they had to — that in addition to knowing what their bellies liked, also they knew what their brainsContinue reading “Cannabis Is A Perfect Drug For Spiritual Journeying”