The Faitheism Project Podcast S2E12: “Questioning Faith”

A few podcasts back, Randy‚Äôs son Lukas and my son Tristan joined us for a wide-ranging, very compelling four-way conversation about how Gen-Z-ers approach matters of spirituality, faith and lack thereof. As conversations do around here, that one got all of us thinking – Tristan in particular. And all that thinking has produced a fewContinue reading “The Faitheism Project Podcast S2E12: “Questioning Faith””

The Faitheism Project Podcast Join The Conversation!

What is the Faitheism Project Podcast? In a nutshell, it’s a frank yet congenial conversation between a devout atheist and a Presbyterian pastor that seems impossible on paper and yet works! Despite coming from two seemingly diametric opposite places on the philosophical spectrum, atheist film & TV writer/producer A L Katz and Presbyterian Pastor RandyContinue reading “The Faitheism Project Podcast Join The Conversation!”